The Medical Transcriptionist Career

Careers in healthcare are growing at a rapid pace and will keep doing so for several more years. The growth stems from the aging Baby Boomer population who are already needing quality healthcare. Jobs for medical transcriptionists are expected to grow as well.

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Medical TranscriptionistThe medical transcriptionist is the person who listens to recorded dictation from a doctor or other healthcare provider and transcribes it onto written medical reports that can be distributed and filed electronically. As the days get busier in the healthcare profession, doctors will resort to recording their findings on patient cases more and depend on the medical transcriptionist to record those findings both timely and accurately.

To be successful in this field, a person must first of all be well-versed in medical terminology. She must also know how to use transcribing equipment such as the foot pedal to control the playback speed and extract audio information correctly. Accuracy is of critical importance because a patient’s well-being depends on it. The medical transcriptionist has an important job indeed.

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Medical Transcriptionist Job Description

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Job Benefits and Opportunities

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Become a Medical Transcriptionist

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The Job Skills Needed

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