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Rob Spears
90 WPM average typing speed Video & audio editing skills: Premiere, After Effects, & Cubase. 3D modeling & animation: 3ds Max. Flash, Director, & Dreamweaver. Medical Transcriptionist. Southwest Foot & Ankle Specialists – Kalamazoo, MI 12/2000 – 11/2006

School Of HeAlth Sciences
Entry-level position as a medical transcriptionist.1 To enroll, call your Admissions Advisor today. than the average for all occupations.2 Additionally, • Development of typing accuracy and speed,

Increasing Productivity With Computer Aided Medical Transcription
A clinician dictates and a Medical Transcriptionist (MT) listens in editing speed over typing speed for its in-house MTs. percentage increase in average lines per hour between in-house MTs who used 6 shortcuts (461)

Facts About The medical Transcription Industry
This is faster than the average for all occupations. Improving your typing speed, using keyboard shortcuts, and enlisting the help of a good word expander can of a medical transcriptionist obsolete. FACT Speech recognition technology

typing speed and type of employment. supervisory, coaching and leadership skills. An editor receives an average of P15,000 – 20,000 per month in an office setting. Types of Employment Medical Transcriptionist can work in various settings: in an office; in their homes as subcontractors;

HOW MUCH CAN I EXPECT TO EARN – Medical Transcription At Home
Start with just one small account and build up your speed slowly. If you For instance, a small account, that is perhaps 400 lines per day, would take an average of two hours, if typing a moderate speed, probably around 60 wpm. At 12 cents per Medical Transcription, like the ones

Increasing Productivity With Computer Aided Medical Transcription
A clinician dictates and a Medical transcriptionist (Mt) productivity gains, defined as the percentage increase in editing speed over typing. Yet we have TOTAL SHORTCUTS USED AVERAGE LINES PER HOUR 0 267 1 346 2 386 3 415 4 443 5 460

Medical Transcriptionist One-Year C1 5213 Advanced Typing Skillbuilding Typing: Speed & Accuracy Development Word Processing for Business: total credits and grade point average must be approved by the Registrar. CHANGES MUST ALSO BE APPROVED BY DIVISION DIRECTOR OR DEAN

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Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) or Certified Medical Transcriptions (CMT) If you worked on a part-time basis, indicate the average number of hours worked per week. My typing speed is _____ net words per minute: